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A few Stories that add to my not-so-secret crush on Mike

**all quotes culled from Mike's wife- valerie_z

Mike has this thing where he never wants to throw away coffee cans, so he just puts them under the kitchen sink. Then I have to throw them away a few at a time, but not so many that he notices, or else we'll have to have a conversation about why he's insane. He says you need empty coffee cans sometimes. We've been living together for almost three years now, and I have yet to need an empty coffee can ever.
How Mysterious!! How Enigmatic!!

My husband Mike is not only watching QAF, but he's discussing it with me, and now making vidding suggestions. A few days ago he played a song for me and said, "This song is completely about Brian. See, at this part, you should use this scene, and at this part..."
Ahhhh, A Man who can not only appreciate QAF & Brian Kinney- but encourage Valerie's vidding. *sigh*
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