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Mike Is Our King

To Him We Sing

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mikeisourking is moderated by velena. All comments, questions, flames, and restraining orders should be directed to her.

This community is dedicated to adoration, worship, and discussion of valerie_z's awe-inspiring husband, Mike. He is our king.

In the words of valerie_z: When I get upset, Mike lets me yell, and never yells back. When I talk too much, Mike listens. Mike dances with me in the kitchen when I'm wearing pajamas and I trip over his feet. Mike likes performing oral sex, and offers to do it a minimum of once a week. If I bitch at Mike to do something, he thanks me for helping to motivate him. Mike kisses me and says I look beautiful when I've just woken up and I know I look like shit and the first thing I do is scream, "Where's the fucking coffee?" When I come home from work and it's been a crappy day, and I lie down on the floor next to where he's sitting playing video games and I scream, "I need attention!", Mike hugs me and talks to me until I'm relaxed. Mike watches Queer as Folk with me and cries during all the touching lesbian scenes. Mike has an unnaturally firm and perfectly rounded ass.

Revel in the profundity.